Cultural Dances


DC PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL produces authentic Traditional dances from across Africa such as the spectacular presentation during the NORTHWEST AFRICAN QUEEN PAGEANT in Washington State. We featured the Ngoma Traditional Dancers from Zambia to educate the crowd about the Zambian Cultural Heritage through the high energy native dance. The particular dance outlined the Nc’wala Ceremony, which is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in Zambia. This land is a popular tourist spot and tourists throng the place throughout the year for the varied attractions that the place offers. You can hope to have a great time exploring the region. There are beautiful beaches and some of the best game reserves of the region also lie in Zambia. The people of the region lead a vibrant life. They celebrate many festivals throughout the year out of which the Nc’wala Ceremony is one of the most preseved and proud Zambian tradition.

The Nc’wala Ceremony is celebrated by the Ngoni tribe residing in the eastern edge of Zambia close to Chipata. The Ngoni people who are the inhabitants of Zambia did not stay there from before. Initially they stayed in South Africa. When they shifted from there, they won many victories over other tribes. The Nc’wala Ceremony, Zambia is held to celebrate the glorious deeds of the tribe. The ceremony starts with the tasting of the first fruit of the year by the chief of the Ngoni tribe. This is followed by much singing and dancing. There are speeches that are given by the members of the community. There is also a grand feast laid out for the entire community.

This festival is usually celebrated at the end of February every year. It is a big traditional party. The dancers dance to the rhythmic beats of drums. They engage in repetitive movements with the beat of the drums. It creates a unique atmosphere of music and motion. The people of the tribe are dressed in leopard skins and they carry accessories like clubs, shields and feathers. A bull is killed and the chief of the community drinks the blood of the animal and the celebrations start. The members of the Ngoni tribe then rush at the dead animal and tear at the carcass and cut out chunks of the meat. This rich event is designed to bring the members of the community close to each other. It strengthens the bonds among the members of the Zambian community and Africa at large.


Intore Dance and music plays an important role in the traditions of all Rwanda’s peoples .The Rwandan people have a variety of music and dance which range from acts that demonstrate epics commemorating excellence and bravery, humorous lyrics to hunting root. Traditional songs are often accompanied by a solitary lulunga, a harp-like instrument with eight strings. More celebratory dances are backed by a drum orchestra, which typically comprises seven to nine members, and collectively produce a hypnotic and exciting explosion set of intertwining rhythms. DC PRODUCTIONS were also honored to expose to the world the finest exponent of Rwanda’s varied and dynamic tradition through music and dance styles.